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Learn more about our Children's Ministry by using the links below.
  • Nursery - Our Nursery is for infants through 2 years old. We have well-trained volunteers who are excited about taking good care of your little ones while you are here at church! Our nursery is just outside of the sanctuary in room 108. 

  • Pre-K - This is the youngest of our "Calvary Kids" classes. This class is for ages 3 to 5. They are working through a curriculum called Bible Studies for Life, and we are excited for the opportunity to disciple our children as they first begin to understand who Jesus is and what He did for us! Our Pre-K class meets in our Kids Wing, and all children who attend must be checked-in by one of our volunteers!

  • K-2nd Grade - This class is for all kids who are currently in Kindergarten up through 2nd grade! K-2nd Grade is working through Bible Studies for Life, and our teachers cannot wait to partner with parents in helping your students understand their faith. We are grateful for the opportunity to come alongside parents in discipleship! Our K-2nd class meets in our Kids Wing, and all children who attend must be checked-in by one of our volunteers!

  • 3rd-5th Grade - Our 3rd-5th grade is the oldest of our "kids" classes. They are studying through Bible Adventures, as they seek to become more like Christ! The 3rd-5th grade class also meets in the Kids Wing, and they must be checked-in by one of our volunteers at the check-in station!


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  • 6th-12th Grade - Our students, both middle and high school, meet together in one large group! On Sunday mornings, our students meet in the education building as we study through The Gospel Project curriculum. We are excited about following the chronological story of the Bible and seeing how it really is all one story that points to Jesus and what He did on the cross. Our students are learning what it means to read their Bible, to pray, to tell others about Jesus, and to live lives that look like Christ! On different occasions, we may separate the middle from high school for a week or two depending on the subject matter.




All  Sunday classes are open to anyone, and if you do not fit in the first class you try,
then we encourage you to try another class!
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Learn more about our Adult Ministries by using the links below.
  • Community Class -   The Community Class  is studying through The Gospel Project!  We are a mix of various ages in an effort to build community for the purpose of  fellowship and discipleship.  We meet in the Education Wing!

  • Forever 45 -  Forever 45 is studying through MasterWork! We are excited to grow together as a community, building relationships in order to glorify God and see His Kingdom grow! This class is a great fit for adults with older teens and empty nesters, but it is open to anyone. Come join us and see the work that God is doing!

  • Heartstrong -  Our Heartstrong class meets in the church Fellowship Hall. In Heartstrong we are working to build a community of believers that lives like Jesus and loves the world like He does! We are currently studying through the Explore the Bible curriculum, as we take different passages of Scripture and see what they tell us about God, ourselves, and how we should live. This class is multigenerational, and everyone is welcome!

  • Journey -  This class is working through the Explore the Bible curriculum! As Journey explores passages of Scripture in order to grow closer to Jesus and live a life that is pleasing to Him, we want to do so in a community that can hold each other accountable. This class is excited about ways that we can grow His Kingdom and live the journey of the Christian life together! 

  • New Foundation Young Adult Class -   The Young Adult Class is for adults ages 18-35.  (College, Career, Singles and Married Couples)  Come join us as we work on building our own foundations, building relationships with each other, and studying God's Word!  We meet in the Fellowship Building.

  • Ladies Class - The Ladies class meets behind the sanctuary in room 110. This class is for women of all ages. 


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  • New Beginnings - The New Beginnings class meets behind the sanctuary in room 109. New Beginnings is currently working through the Explore the Bible study. This class is excited each Sunday to see what God will reveal through His word about how we should live our lives. Come and join us and become part of our community!

Learn more about our Senior Adult Ministry by using the link below.