Corporate Worship

The family of Calvary enjoys music and loves to worship our Lord in song. As a congregation, we have the unique opportunity to sing together and unite our voices in praise. We do this through the heartfelt singing of hymns, choruses, and contemporary praise songs. We believe that God is brought great glory through the praise of His people and that our singing enriches our personal worship experience while encouraging one another. We encourage everyone who attends to participate in this opportunity to worship through music!

Adult Choir

Our adult choir is an integral part of our worship service. The choir is made up of a diverse group of enthusiastic people who love to share their testimony in song. The choir is open to all church members age 13 and up. We rehearse every Wednesday evening follow the service from 8:00 - 9:00 pm. The choir sings every Sunday morning, and it also has the opportunity to participate in seasonal cantatas. All church members interested in singing are open to join, no audition required! This is the perfect place to use your talents and gifts to serve the Lord and join your voices with those of like mind--all for His glory!

Praise Team

The Calvary Praise Team is a small group of singers who help enhance the worship services through their talent. This group spends time rehearsing more closely blended harmonies, creating a beautiful sound in order to better lead listeners into worship. The group's goal is to be used as instruments to help engage people in worship and to help connect hearts with the heart of the Almighty.

Audio and Media

While mostly behind the scenes, the work in this area is one of the more important components of our worship service. The use of audio and video equipment has become a vital part of every service offered at the church. Soundboards, microphones, computers, CDs, DVDs, and visual images are all used to enhance the service and facilitate a cohesive flow. The importance of this area of service in the church has only continued to grow in importance over the last several years!