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Meet Mrs. Threatt, our Kindergarten teacher!

Ashlee and her husband, Adam, moved to Wingate two years ago from Fort Mill, where they were both grew up. They have been married for 19 years and have four amazing children, Chandler (18), Gavin (14), Eli (9), and Spencer Grace (4). They attend Centerview Baptist Church and enjoy serving the Lord together.

Prior to moving, Ashlee taught third grade for 14 years and loved every second of it! She has her undergraduate teaching degree from Winthrop University and her Master’s from Walden University.

In her free time, Ashlee enjoys beekeeping, gardening, and spending time with her family. She is so excited to be a part of the Calvary Baptist Church Preschool-Kindergarten family and is looking forward to being back in the classroom and doing what she loves most! Children are such a blessing from the Lord. Ashlee is looking forward to an exciting year in Kindergarten where she can’t wait to watch her students grow both academically and spiritually this year!


Bible Curriculum:  Orange Curriculum.   Everything we teach our children is based on one of three simple, but powerful, truths.

 God Made Me, God Loves Me and Jesus Wants To Be My Friend Forever


Math: The Mofftt Girls Math Workshop Model with a focus on hands-on and play-based instruction.  We will have a daily mini-lesson that focuses on the main skill(s) being taught and will then rotate through math centers with partner/group work, games, etc. This curriculum is designed to make math fun, engaging, and hands-on for all learners.


Writing: Tara West KinderWriting Curriculum - Writer’s Workshop model. 

KinderWriting Curriculum is an engaging, kindergarten, genre-based writing curriculum. KinderWriting encourages young learners to become authors themselves and guides them through every step along the way! This year, students will be exploring narrative writing, opinion writing, writing with directions, persuasive writing, creative writing, and finally informational writing. Our daily routine for writing will include a whole group mini-lesson, followed by some time to write independently and practice the skills we are learning, and then finally a share time at the end of writing each day where students can show off their hard work if they wish! Each of the lessons in KinderWriting are well thought out with the young writer in mind and spiral back to previous lessons to ensure students are retaining their skills. I can’t wait to watch our students blossom into real authors this year and to be able to share their writing pieces with their families!


Reading Foundational Skills: The Science of Reading Guided Curriculum by Deanna Jump & Deedee Wills

This curriculum guides students through daily explicit instruction based on the best practices aligned with the Orton-Gillingham approach to instruction. Research confirms that students benefit most from multi-sensory learning in which reading and writing are taught together, as this is how mastery is best obtained. Components of our daily instruction will include work with phonics skills, blending practice, and high-frequency word recognition, followed by daily dictation of sounds, words, and sentences.  


Phonological and Phonemic Awareness :Curriculum by Deanna Jump & Deedee Wills -  Phonological Awareness is the foundation for Reading and Writing success. Students who have phonological awareness know that language is made up of words, rhymes, syllables, and sounds. Phonemic Awareness is an important component of Phonological Awareness. Students who have phonemic awareness are able to hear and identify the individual sounds in words, manipulate sounds, and blend sounds together to make words. Our daily curriculum is a systematic approach to instruction that will build confident readers and writers who can decode and spell words efficiently. 


Reading Comprehension/Interactive Read Aloud - Deanna Jump & Deedee Wills

This curriculum will enable students to participate in daily scaffolded instruction with a mentor text that is intended to get them talking and exploring texts together. Throughout the year, students will learn comprehension strategies such as Predicting, Visualizing, Retelling, Text Details, Connecting, Inferring, Character Analysis, Opinion Writing and much more. Brain research reveals that reading comprehension starts with listening comprehension. My goal is for interactive read aloud to become students’ favorite part of our day together!


Shared Reading and Fluency - Deanna Jump & Deedee Wills

This curriculum was designed for easy fluency practice that is both fun and engaging. Students will be introduced to a new poem each week. Together, we will grow into fluent readers by using the poem to identify rhyming patterns, initial/ending sound identification and patterns, vowel identification and patterns, word families, and so much more!


Social Studies: Little Thinkers Curriculum

This hands-on and engaging curriculum was designed to help students develop a thorough understanding of several key big ideas in social studies. We will explore topics such as citizenship, then and now, holidays around the world, communities, our world, and America. I am looking forward to finding ways to bring social studies to life in our classroom this year!


Science:  Little Thinkers Curriculum

Let me start by saying that science is my FAVORITE! I am looking forward to doing many cool experiments together and making science as fun and hands-on as possible this year!  Some of the topics we will explore together include our senses, seasons/weather, properties of solids/liquids/gases, plants, animals, and force/motion.  

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